1. How do I book a car?
For rentals in Mumbai, Pune, Shirdi, Nashik and Lavasa, cars can be booked online. For other destinations in Maharashtra, you can call us or visit our offices in order to book a cab.
2. How do I know which car to choose?
If you are not sure which car would best suit your needs, our booking agents would be glad to assist you with seating/carriage details of each vehicle to help decide.
3. What are the payment options available?
You can either pay in cash or through credit/debit cards at our offices or to the driver at the end the rental.
4. Do you apply cancellation charges?
We do not generally apply cancellation charges except in specific cases which are specified at the time of booking.
5. What types of rentals do you provide?
We provide cars for use within single cities as well as inter-city travel. Our vehicles can be rented for pick-ups and drops too.
6. Does a standard vehicle charge apply regardless of type of rental?
We offer you flexible vehicle charges based on the type of rental selected to best suit your budget and convenience.
7. What happens if I want to change the destination or duration of the trip after I have rented the vehicle?
Changes in itinerary can be accommodated by simply mentioning it to the driver. Extensions in the duration can be facilitated after adjusting the payment for the extra time. Even if you need to shorten your trip, we can arrange for a refund for the days cancelled.
8. What safety measures do you offer for your clients?
Each of our vehicles is equipped with a state of the art GPS system (provided free) that not only guides you during your trip but also assists you in finding the nearest petrol stations, police/ emergency services, hospitals and rest areas. Our drivers are highly trained and experienced, providing you with a safe and pleasant journey. Finally, every vehicle undergoes a thorough check before each trip to ensure safe and secure travel.

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